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We think business software should cover complex needs without being complicated. Odoo provides software that is intuitive, full-featured, tightly integrated, effortless to upgrade, all while running smoothly for every business, every user.



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by Abrar Zafar, ERPify CEO




Track leads, close opportunities
and get accurate forecasts

The Odoo software helps both salespeople and managers, reducing their labor, making them more efficient, and giving them access to easily segmentable, well-visualized information.

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Do more, in less time

Odoo Accounting is a state-of-the-art accounting software that helps you accurately track your finances. It contains all the features you need for accounting, such as invoices & payments, bank reconciliation, reports, and more, but it also integrates with the rest of Odoo’s modular enterprise software to provide accuracy and ease.

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Forecast needs  & resources

Project dashboard enables you with information specific to an individual project. The project dashboard offers portlets and quick links for creating project tasks, managing resources, viewing the Gantt chart, and entering time and expenses.

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MRP app has become a milestone in the manufacturing industry

MRP is a complete and integrated software to manage Planning, Quality, Operations, Maintenance, Traceability and PLM.

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Move to a paperless approach

With Odoo Documents, you can easily share, send, categorize, and archive scanned documents. You can also generate business documents like vendor bills, tasks and products sheets for manufacturing.

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Web site builder

Forecast needs  & resources

Odoo website builder is an easy and customizable application through which customers can create their own website and can edit anything online. There is no technical knowledge required for creating a website.

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